Welcome To Swansea/Abertawe

Hello all,
My name is Rob and I’m new around these parts. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to my fellow Monzo users.
My card arrived today and for the sake of the community, I’ll put it to the test this weekend out in Cardiff!
Anyway, very impressed with the coral colour, beautiful really. Also impressed by the community I’m now joining and the ambition/vision of this bank going forward.
Roll on current accounts…


Welcome Robert :hand_splayed:

Can you please share with us your user number? Would be great to know how many we have on board now :grinning:


I’d love to but I must be missing it. I’m looking all over the shop and can’t see it. I’m using Android if that makes a difference…?

I’m using IOS… Card tab > click user name > details under home address

On Android: Swipe to right from left (for menu) or burger icon. Then tap on Settings and scroll down to very bottom. Should be there in grey

Yeah, thank you for that. I’m #179707