What's happening to the foreign spending reports?

(Dean) #1


After I came back from a ski holiday last year (Jan 2017) I received an automatic report on my spending once my Monzo card detected that I was back in the UK.

This year, I made the same trip and I didn’t receive a report.

Does anyone know what this might be the case?

The only thing I can think of is that my card recently updated to a current account. Perhaps that change has removed that feature?



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(Jack) #3

I think the feature was removed for a few weeks or months at one point but has very recently returned to iOS at least

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Sorry about that Dean :smile: to answer your question, travel reports are back on the roadmap for Android & as Jack says, have just been re-released for iOS.

(Dean) #12

I’m an iOS user. Is there any way I can get the travel report for a previous trip now?

(Alex Sherwood) #13

I don’t think that’s possible I’m afraid, although it might be worth double checking with the support team via the in-app chat.

You can export your transaction history if you need that sort of report though..

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You could probably extract it from a CSV file. I’m not sure how much detail is in those files, but I imagine it would cover everything you’d need.

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I’m amazed at how unhelpful 90% of these replies were.

The key to good, healthy community is to stay on topic. If people have issue with other features, please take them to more relevant areas of the forum.

Thanks for your help though @alexs.

(Dean) #16

I only really want to see it in-app.

(Frank) #18

It is worth asking in chat if it can be retrofitted. Though it would also be good to create events between certain dates. Then tag/un-tag as appropriate.

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on my ski trip from the 19-26th Feb 2018 on iOS CA my travel report said I could have bought 385 rosti - however I did prefer buying the beer and wine sooooooo much more :slight_smile:


I’m afraid this can’t be done retroactively! Sorry!

(Dean) #23

OK cool. Thanks @BethS.


The spending reports are great - but I crossed a border for a few minutes and came back and…I got a spending report. That was annoying because I hadn’t finished my trip.

Also, when I travel to me than one country in a trip, I get multiple spending reports. It would be nice to get one report per trip.

(Dean) #25

Very much agree Urban.

Looking forward to when these are reinstated.