Weird TfL failure this morning

(andrew) #1

I’ve used contactless payments on the tube for weeks now without any problem, however this morning something weird happened.

I tried to touch in at the Waterloo Jubilee line entrance and the gate message was:
"Seek Assistance

go to"

I tried a couple of times and it continued to fail. I tried another gate and the same thing happened.

In the end I had to use my HSBC contactless card (yuck! :smile:).

(andrew) #2

Just noticed I had an active card check today around the same time. Maybe it failed…

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey Andrew, sorry about that - really annoying! Can you try it again this evening and let us know what happens? TfL seem to be a bit haphazard in their rejections and it often fixes itself :slight_smile: