In depth break down of remaining funds

Hi, me and my wife are using Monzo for our every day budget. We transfer a set amount a month and this is all the money we have to spend.

Currently you see how much money you have left for your period, I’ve set mine as 25th to 24th as I get paid on the 25th each month.

It would be good to be able to see you remaining balance split across weeks and even days so I can see how much I have left for that day / week and I can see if I go over.

Hi @dahliacreative & welcome :wave:

Are you using a Monzo Joint Account and are you both using iOS or Android?

We are using a joint account, both on iOS.
I just think trying to budget solely on monthly budget is hard and being able to see how much your budget allows per week and how much you be spent / have remaining that week would be really handy.

I have seen you have an api though so in the mean time I could just build something.

Would still be a really handy feature to have, main reason we opened a Monzo account was to try and curb our spending as we are trying to save really hard for our sons education.

Thanks for confirming what account/device platform you’re both using. Oh well…

I was hoping for a response of Android and Personal accounts! - if so there’s a way to make a custom widget which shows how much money you have left to spend each day, based on your own set budget/limit.

Sorry to get your hopes up and then dash them… :disappointed:


Im interested in this custom widget im on Android.


Hi Chris & welcome :wave:

The original post on how to do this is here;


Thanks David its all very interesting and technical but it will give me something to keep me busy for a couple of hours whilst in lock down.

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