Wedding Gift Collection

I’m getting married next year and would like to provide an option for guests to gift cash, is there a problem supplying guests my link to collect cash?
I would not want to fall foul of any Monzo or banking regulations, max of 80 guests so potentially 80 individual cash donations?

Thanks guys.

I’ve done this for my wedding! Assume there are no issues with it!

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Have you had your wedding already Mark?
My concern was just potentially multiple ‘donations’ over relatively short period of time.

The only point I could see being an issue is the limit is “only” £1000 total and I think it’s max £100 per transaction?

You’re correct @Revels as well as £500 maximum per 1 person but £100 maximum per transaction.


Another option could be your PayPal . Me link? It’s uncapped or cheques or even physical cash.

On another note receiving multiple transfers at once might seem fishy.

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Here are the limits, although they could have been changed

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So what happens if say £1000 monthly limit was hit?

They’re still the same!

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Then it won’t let people send anything & you won’t receive anything.

It shows a error on your .me link

You can check your status in your monzo app and it’ll tell you how much you have received via .me in the last 30 days

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If 1k is okay, just tell people to put wedding gift or similar as the reference, you should be fine, you can’t be the first person to use it, but there’s always that risk.

And it’s debit cards only.

80 guests and if they give between £10-£100 it’s at least a grand which is over the limit.

You could just give multiple options then it suits everyone. If people haven’t heard of monzo they might be sceptical to use a monzo link especially elderly.

Via transfer with reference “wedding gift”
Via cheque to name XXX
Via cash
Via physical gifts on the table at the door
Via (maximum £100)

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Does anyone know if the £1000 limit is the sort of thing that can be lifted temporarily on request? I’d like to do this for our wedding in a month, but don’t want to be sending people dead links.

I remember seeing someone ask similar before and I remember them saying it can’t due to fraud & anti-money laundering.

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Ugh, money launderers are the reason why we can’t have nice things.


Mostly all criminals ruin everything for everyone.

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So I could advertise my account and sort code as that is unlimited transfers?


Would it not be nicer to have a joint account that people could send money to?


Yes, unlimited inbound transfers.

Another option would be - Same kind of thing, segregated and instant withdrawal to Monzo.