Transacting via a Virtual Card connected to Pot


Apolgies if this is already a topic…

But this seems like something that should just work but doesn’t

Both round ups AND obtaining transactions from the developer API just don’t work.

Is this something the Monzo team are aware of and just not prioritising or what?

I’ve been a plus member for coming up to two years now and virtual cards + pots are my favourite feature… yet they don’t work for a lot of core functionality that I would like to take advantage of

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Monzo’s implementation here was a botched job from the outset.

I don’t know if Monzo are aware of the problems, but I presume so. I don’t think they’re going to fix them any time soon, if ever though, I’m afraid.

There’s often little coherence between Monzo’s features when they weren’t built in tandem, so this stuff is par for the course quite a bit of the time. You’d be surprised how often [insert new product/feature here] breaks or just doesn’t work with older or pre-existing things.

I suspect they get away with it and flies under the radar because they’re often edge case things that are only ever gonna affect a tiny subset of a niche of users. That one guy on here who actually likes the Google sheets feature seems to suffer this problem most.

That’s very depressing to hear.

I’m probably going to cancel my plus subscription now as the main reason I got it in the first place was for the auto exporting of transactions to a google sheet and virtual cards.

I only really use pots & virtual cards which means the spreadsheet is pointless as it doesn’t work and the public api is pointless too as that doesn’t provide pot transactions.


Same issue here, I would like to either have my pot transactions export to Google Sheets or else be able to download them from the API. Seems very frustrating that this feature is not avaliable. Is there a way to raise a feature request with Monzo?

The request already exists in this thread (and others) so Monzo are aware.