Web App (i.e. online banking) with charts & graphs etc


There needs to be a better, more comprehensive visual overview of the areas in which you’re spending.

At the moment the categories are quite fiddly on the small screen of a phone, and I’m surprised there’s no chart or graph view of historical spending by category.

On the whole though, the app is great.


I don’t mind if it is a Windows 10 App or just able to be viewed on Windows thru a browser such as Firefox or Edge, but as our ledger history (or statements) get longer and longer over time it is easier to audit and query when using a proper PC screen

(Andy Little) #3

Web based would be better. Those of us who don’t use Windows much wouldn’t find a desktop app very useful at all.

(Shamil Nunhuck) #4

Interestingly, I was thinking about this last night, when I started to write a little library for Monzo.

Heck even MQL (Monzo Query Language) comes to mind…

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Here’s some inspiration for you -

There’s quite a few web apps for Monzo there too & I’ve seen a couple that include graphs…

Monzo are developing a basic web interface -

But there’s so many visualisations you could create with this data on the desktop that I think it’s best if 3rd party developers work on this, rather than Monzo making a ‘one size fits all’ solution, like the legacy bank’s.


Is there any 3rd party activity in this area that you know of? Keen to find out more.

In my view these kind of features are crucial, not peripheral. Certainly I, and most others I know on Monzo, signed up to get a grip on their spending patterns. However at present the functionality in this area is wanting in the respects mentioned above (limited visualisations, historical analysis etc.)

If it’s decided that this isn’t an area worth looking at, then I think Monzo would lose a lot of its potential. Just my view… :grinning:

(Alex Sherwood) #7

That list is as close to a complete list of apps / integrations as you’ll get AFAIK. It’s worth bearing in mind that breaking changes are still expected for the API (especially when the current accounts launch), the API isn’t that well documented & can’t be used to make payments etc. so it’s still very early days for 3rd party developers.

These are crucial features but I’m pretty confident, based on what you can see on that list, that developers will be able to build much better web interfaces than you see from your traditional banks (that’s a low bar I know). The question is, how far can they take it? Let’s wait & see :slight_smile: