We’ve raised £340 million in new funding

Do you think - maybe - last time round it was OVERvalued, instead of being valued CORRECTLY?

Therefore, this price is a better, more stable, representation of Monzo and therefore you’d be right in assuming an increase in millions of customers in future will better increase Monzo’s valuation?

I’d imagine that if you went back in time and gave Monzo a truer valuation based on similar market appetite etc, it’d be valued closer to 3 billion, so now it’s value comparably is a lot higher than you’d imagine.

Based on your zero knowledge of their business, what do you think they should be valued at?


Did you buy shares because you believed in Monzo and a profit was a bonus? Or did you buy shares because you just wanted to make a profit?

If it’s the latter one then you shouldn’t have brought shares IMHO

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Why do you care so much about the share price when I swear you can’t even sell them without approval from Monzo? (I don’t know if this is correct I’m just basing it on what I’ve seen)

Oh it’s 2025 now? You’ve been predicting an IPO “next year” for the last few years. It’s good to see you are consistent.


Great news! Time for that Europe expansion :eyes:


I mean I knew the years fly past quickly but damn what did I miss in 2024!

I think it was valued correctly last time and this time it is NOT valued correctly. How on Gods earth can you aquire 4 million customers and the valuation only increase by $500 million

You heard of technical debt yeah? And the fact they have to pay shit? And they have to pay when someone falls for a scam?

Maybe your own valuation is upsetting you?


I have been consistent in my predictions regarding IPO’s for Monzo & Freetrade 2023 was my prediction BEFORE COVID and now it is 2025 OK?

You love your quotes don’t you :rofl:

Why? That’s why all the VCs are investing.

I actually think the opposite. Investing because you care about a business is a fools game, make investments for profit and for no other reason.


Yes it will be valued at £8 billion next year

Just my opinion lol, just think if your buying shares from like crowd cube then you kinda wanna care for the company I guess? Could be wrong but hey ho I’ll stick to trading212 more adrenaline for me, epically when I lose it all :rofl:

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Well, yes, if you keep saying it’s next year then one year you’ll be right – but you’ve been wrong every year leading up to that.

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Yeah, to me this is a mistake. Firstly, Monzo certainly never needed the small amounts of investment they got from crowdcube, so I don’t think anyone was ever really helping them by investing. It was for marketing and brand loyalty, like crowdcube raises for good companies normally are (if a company has to crwodfund to actually grow that’s usually a warning sign).

And anyway, if you like a business, use them, share them on social media or reccomend them to your friends - but an investment with your money is all about return.

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Yeah valid point, I see what you mean.

As much as monzo does annoy me if I could have done I would have defo invested in them.


They make £1million on lending

They reinvest £1million into product development

Not that difficult to understand, or maybe I misunderstand :joy:


Very difficult, could you dumb it down for me please Carlo? :wink:

Monzo premium/ultra :eyes: