We’re working with the Financial Capability Lab

We’re excited to announce that we’re working with the Financial Capability Lab!

It was set up by the Money Advice Service and the government’s Behavioural Insights Team, and aims to use behavioural science to help people manage their money better.

Here’s more on what they do and what we’ll be working on together :point_down:


I think 2019 is going to be an interesting year for :monzo:

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I really hope there will be development time to implement the late night spending block at some time soon.
My problem is spending splurges. Some kind of control where if I spend more than x amount in a set period of time or visit a certain number of shops I get a notification to calm the hell down :grimacing:


This :arrow_up:

I wake up in the night and go on Amazon.

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Bumping this coz it’s too important to slip down the feed.

If the option existed for the overdraft to only be used only for committed spending that would be a help. I like it there as a safety net but it’s a temptation


Perhaps a spending block for Black Friday for some people, as they just spend for the sake of spending :joy:


This is actually a really cool idea.


One of the things that’s helped my finances be much more stable is consistent use of pots for “lumpy” expenses. The sort of expenses that come along as a nasty surprise one month, and then you look back on it and think, how surprising really was it that my car needed an MOT and service exactly one year after the last time?
What would make the pots even more useful for this, is firstly the ability to assign an expense category to a pot (so expenditure in that category comes straight out of that pot) but also assistance in figuring out whether monthly amount I transfer INTO this pot is on target to cover a year’s expenses without leaving spare money in the pot for no reason.
Not only would this help avoid cash flow problems, it also would help people figure out the difference between “temporary cash flow issue that will resolve itself”, “amazon habit that I should probably stop” and “lifestyle is fundamentally insolvent, I urgently need a new job or a cheaper flat”

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