Behaviour change features

Hi - so I’ve been thinking about why I first signed up to Monzo. It was to better monitor my spend and hopefully change my behaviour to manage my money better. The first bit you have aced but the second I still think there is some way to go.

I thought one feature that would be cool for me is to compare my spending to other things I value. You have my salary (and probably average time I spend at work based on location) so could figure out the monetary value of each second of my time. It would be cool to see my spend translated as “my time investment value”. Maybe it would change my spending behaviour.

I think working to make people change and improve their spending habits will appeal to your current user demographic, and especially Gen Z.


I already do this myself as a half joke. Each hour of my time is worth £3. That’s my salary (post-tax) divided by hours in a month minus 8 hours for sleep. If I need to do a heavy task like doing a “full clean” of the oven. I can either do it myself as I’m worth £3. Or get someone else to do it for £40 who’ll do a cracking job in about 30 minutes.