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Hi, I am a relatively new Monzonite and fall into an over 50 category. After years of being with the big four, i have made the switch to Monzo as i love the up to the moment accountability. Something that may be of consideration is a separate Bill’s account. This could sit along side the normal current account but have all the DD SD and monthly bill payments made from a separate section. For example I had 3 accounts one for Bill’s, one for savings and the other for monthly household Bill’s and I knew that that money was for that purpose only. I dont know whether it was a psychological thing but I felt more in control of my finances knowing I couldn’t dip in. I love this new way of banking and it is great that the big 4 are being shaken up by a more today style of banking, so thank you Monzo


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Have a look at this thread here:

Rather then another account it allows for bills to come out of a pot - it’s in staff testing at the moment.


Welcome Dee, good to see more of us non-millenials here on the forum :slight_smile:

I agree with your points and I think Monzo are working to bring the functionality we want to see. We spilt our accounts similarly (Monzo personal for just that, Monzo joint for groceries, petrol etc, and we retain a Smile joint account for mortgage, utility bills etc which benefits from the safety net of an overdraft facility).

But whereas I used to maintain about a dozen separate savings accounts for various annual or six-monthly expenses (car insurance, house insurance, water bill, memberships etc) this can now all be done with pots which is so much easier, and is all managed and visible from one logon.

I’m looking forward to the committed spending pot.

Note: Not that I have any problem with millennials! I’m just happy Monzo is gaining traction across the spectrum :slight_smile:


Morning Chris,

Thank you for responding to my email so quickly it is very much appreciated. That is great news about “Millennials”, we perhaps bring a bit of experience to the table :blush:.

It is wonderful to read that there is something in the pipeline regarding the process at the centre of our email exchange, this would really set Monzo apart, yet again, from the big 4 dinosaurs. Personal banking in the UK has needed a fresh approach for some considerable time and Monzo for sure brings that right up to the 21st century and hopefully, beyond.

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Ms D. K. Rose

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I’m a cusper, or, my preferred descriptor –Oregon Trail Generation. Do I count?! :slight_smile:

I feel the need to stick up for the dinosaurs a little here. There’s still a place for them, at least until Monzo starts to offer mortgages, stocks & shares ISAs etc. I’ve been with one of the dinosaurs since it was called Midland Bank and all credit to them, they’ve been good. They were just a little caught out by some of the new arrivals…

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