We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!

(James Cook ) #389

Me. I’ve invested in every Monzo crowdfunding round so far. My only regret is only putting in half the allowed amount in the first round.



Wow “we’ve raised £12,567,094 so far” and I thought I was quick - wasn’t prepared for the quiz though.

(Nico Mueller) #391

I thought at 10am crowdcube has the round for investors of previous rounds. Has anyone managed to invest yet?



(Valeri) #393

That sounds like there is not going be much/anything left for us newbies hoping to invest on the 5th :tired_face:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #394

I just invested :sunglasses:


What total did they display for you on the success page?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #397

12 mil like what’s been shown so far

(Oliver Beattie) #398

Unfortunately this number (that’s only shown when you complete investing) is incorrect. We’re looking into it. :eyes:


the front page said 400k but the end said 12mil.

I feel like someone forgot to wipe it from last time :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andrew Clark) #400

At 10:10 the amount gone is £442K. Up from 349K at 10.06.
Haven’t invested yet so I can see what the number is!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #401


Chill - the £12,000,000 is inaccurate, it is still only in the 100’s thousands.

(Justin) #403

I got the exact same message with the exact same number when I completed my investment at 10:01 - so it’s definitely inaccurate.

(Oliver Beattie) #404

So it turns out the £12,567,094 figure is a hard-coded amount in the iOS app, and we didn’t catch this :turtle: We’ll try and release a fix today or tomorrow.

All shares sold in under 10 mins?
(Thomas Guthrie) #405

Ouch, been there before! (Literally last week, but was an English translation that was hardcoded)


Is there a way of telling how its going? I wish it were on Crowdcube so its easier to see

(Oliver Beattie) #407

We’re working on putting this on monzo.com/invest now.


would be good to see how many people have invested like they show on Crowdcube.

(Richard Bairwell) #409

Just a note - make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app. I appear to have been a version behind on my Android device and was confused as to why I wasn’t able to find the invest prompt - so check your app store for updates before looking.

(Invested £1998.06 this round - maximum possible - to bring the total to £859,992.56).