We’re crowdfunding up to £20,000,000 and we’d love you to be part of it!




I wondered how so many people had beaten me to it, I literally started to invest at 10:00:03

(Justin) #412

Me too, though it took me about a minute to answer all the investor questions and specify my investment amount. I wondered for a second whether perhaps they’d included the total from any previous rounds, but £12M seemed rather more than they’d ever crowdfunded



(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #414

You can follow along with the progress here:


I believe the total will be added to the investment page later on :slight_smile:


A million in 96 minutes?

(Oliver Beattie) #416

This is live now :eyes: https://monzo.com/invest/

All shares sold in under 10 mins?

The correlation is spooky … :moneybag: :ghost:

(Justin) #418

Nicely done :+1:


Hot coral thermometer FTW

(Is Santa here yet?) #420

Said 6 days to go earlier and now says 8 days :thinking:



(Oliver Beattie) #421

The date that was being used to calculate “6 days to go” was wrong, so we fixed it. The round closes at 10am on December 12.


I was debating investing, but for the sake of round numbers, I bought some to round up my number of bought shares :see_no_evil:

(Ignoring options for now :grimacing:)

(Excited about Christmas) #423

Well I have an email but no banner…anyone else?

(Is Santa here yet?) #424

Updated your app?

(Excited about Christmas) #425

Yeah it was, but fixed with reinstall- thanks!

(David Aragón Pascual) #426

Do you remember some of the questions Justin?

(Justin) #427

They’re fairly basic ones, such as:

  • Do most startups fail, or succeed and go onto making huge profits for their investors?

  • Do startups usually pay dividends for the first few years?

  • If a startup fails, are the co-founders obliged by law to reimburse investors their investment, or will investors lose their stake?

  • If a startup issues more shares, will existing investors see their stake as a percentage of the company increase or decrease?


Not difficult questions to answer, but you need to pay attention in order not to give a wrong response - that would potentially delay your application (which will matter on Wednesday)

(David Aragón Pascual) #428

ah good! Thanks @Justin

(Stephen Spencer) #429

These numbers seem to be in centi-pence … interesting!

That’s what I think I’m going to do. Keeps things tidy y’know. Good round number of illiquid risk is the best kind of illiquid risk!

Relatedly, something to note is there’s no rush for current investors to re-invest in these 48h as it definitely won’t sell out … which makes the current £1.1m even more impressive!