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(Natalia) #349

@o99 it just doesn’t make any sense. Of course we will have questions (well, some of us…) and I am surprised Monzo haven’t even allocated a separate team for this. I think it’s a big oversight on their part.

@Dunsford starting a new thread is a good idea, only there is no one to reply to our questions… serious questions, not the ones about investor cards and different logos.

(Edward) #350

Remember that questions that could constitute ‘financial advice’ would be ones that Monzo staff legally cannot answer, and the best they could tell you would be to seek independent professional financial advice (as the prospectus webpage suggests).

(Natalia) #351

Sorry, but I am not asking for any financial advice… I am asking questions that I now have, having read the prospectus. The questions are about some particular parts of the prospectus. No advice needed here. This is a normal procedure for potential and existing investors. I’ve done this many times on Crowdcube and Seedrs. I’d hoped that Monzo would have had a separate team for this purpose but it doesn’t look like they do.
I understand that maybe this forum is not the place to ask such questions, but perhaps this could have been done via the app? To keep it private?

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It is after 10 on a Friday night to be fair so any team they may have should be at home for the weekend by now I’d have thought.

(Michael) #353

To be fair the question was asked yesterday at 10:30 in the morning.

(Natalia) #354

Thank you @michaelw90 :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #355

Ha! Good point, well made.

(Natalia) #356

Anyway, I’ve already sent a message directly to Tom.


I’m really sorry you’ve not received a reply on that question, I’m not fully clued up - but we have no current plans for further crowdfunding, but if the business needs it, it would definitely be something we consider.

@tristan may know more :blush:


There are also 4 people on the ‘looking to buy Monzo shares’ thread who’ve been asking for some explanation about £175m of extra shares issued and we’ve not had a reply. Any ideas who to contact @BethS?

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Hello! I’m really excited about the possibility of investing a little next week and my son was also. However I have just read that he needs to be over 18 although he’s been allowed to open an account at 16. Why isn’t he allowed to purchase? Thanks

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presumably you need to be 18 legally to own shares outright

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I can’t find a definitive ruling, but there’s this;

Also, from Crowdcube


Unless you are planning to invest the maximum, couldn’t you buy some for him and gift them on his 18th?

(Mary OSAER) #363

As I’ve told him about them and he said he wants to invest a bit I said I’ll buy under my name for him. My investment will hopefully be for both of my sons to benefit one day anyway. Thanks for the suggestion though :blush:

(Mary OSAER) #364

Thankyou! Really appreciate that. I’ll have a read


Good plan, the delayed gratification will be good for them! :wink:


This is a really nice thing you’re doing for them :+1: hopefully Monzo does really well for you. Best wishes

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Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved to your question to the main thread just so other people can find the same answer easier. :slight_smile:


I don’t know the answer to that one, I’ll try and find out :slight_smile: