Warning - Fraud Experience

On 28th March I was at home when I noticed two active card checks on my personal current account from Ocado, which I didn’t do, so I froze the card. Within 10 minutes of this and me looking at the Monzo website for help, I received a call from a man saying that he was from Monzo and they’ve noticed a transaction from Portsmouth UK, but he knew that I was based in another UK location.

When I picked up the phone, I saw a payment notification for £12.99 on my flex account for Moonpig.com. He said this is the transaction they were querying. I asked him to prove that he was calling from Monzo, he directed me to Monzo website to show me the number that he was calling from, this matched the FSCS fraud insurance number on the Monzo website, 0800 678 1100. He then sent me a text message from Monzo, telling me that I would see that it was real because other Monzo messages would be in the same thread. I received the message from Monzo and in this thread were other Monzo messages I’d received over the months to do with setting up on Samsung pay, etc. The message contained a 6 digit security code and he asked me to confirm the last 2 digits of the code.

He stated that they would need to increase my security and move the bank account to a new one for security reasons. He asked me to check my accounts for other fraudulent activity, and he asked me to confirm the amount of my accounts for security and insurance reasons. He didn’t ask for my address or date of birth; he said new cards were being sent to me. He said I would need to go through more security to approve the new account and I was to approve a notification sent to my Monzo App with a code of ONSI.

I then noticed that a payment of £1,536 had come out of my Flex account for ONSI, I immediately flagged it and he tried to tell me that it wasn’t coming out, it was being moved to a new Monzo account but due to security it could only be so much at a time. He stated that I could talk to his supervisor or even call back but wait times were 60 minutes, he did everything he could to reassure me. I then questioned him when I noticed another approval for a transaction from wwwbenefithubcom, which I refused to do.

I told him that I was calling Monzo back and he then hung up. He sounded like an older English man, very well spoken. This is being investigated by Monzo. Just a heads up to hangup and always call back, I wish I did this and feel fooled and embarrassed.


Hi. Welcome.

First things first, don’t blame yourself. The days of “Ello, I can from bank” are long gone. This is sophisticated and they know the tricks to make themselves appear genuine. The transactions, the text codes, when you’re in a panic that your money is at risk, it’s easy to look back in hindsight and think you should have acted differently.

Many many people fall for these scams, you’re not the alone, if you have a look around you’ll see there are other threads with very similar themes but you’ll also see that people do tend to get their money back, so fingers crossed for you there!


Well that’s a refreshing change from your usual liar liar pants on fire replies to other scam victims. I like this revels more.

Sorry to read about what you’ve been through. I think it’s also worth referencing and highlighting this feature again. It thwarts these scams in their tracks, it’s just not very discoverable.

Hopefully Monzo can recover your money or reimburse you.


I’m always nice to the genuine people! The people who create complete fiction to try and get some money of it, not so much.


I generally think, on a customer forum, it’s best to assume everyone is this in the first instance:

Because we have absolutely no way of knowing with any degree of certainty whether they are


Other than guessing, assuming, judging, and reading (perhaps too much) into tone and emotion.

I think compassion is always the best response. Even if the person you’re giving it to winds up being a liar liar pants on fire. Better that than deny it to someone who isn’t just because you think they are.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one!

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Thanks. Its taken me a few days to get over but thought I’d better warn others as it really isn’t nice to go through.


As stated previously, the check your speaking to Monzo should be front and centre of the main page and not hidden inside the security tab.


I didnt know they did this?!

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I sent you the links about it above!