Want to help us test a new feature?

(ole) #1

We are working on a new feature that we’d like to user test to make sure we are on the right track. The feature has most value if you have a lot of data so we are looking for people who have used Mondo for at least a few months and used their card frequently.

If that is you, and you can spare an hour to come see us on a Thursday at lunch time, please signup up using the following link (there are only 4 places so be quick): https://calendly.com/mondo/usertesting/05-12-2016

Many thanks!

(Miguel Afonso) #2

I’ve just signed up. It would be easy for me as I work next door to you guys. :slight_smile:

(ole) #3

Thanks @mafonso! We have all the slots filled for now but would like to take you up on your offer later! :slight_smile:

(Ash) #4

Gutted to have missed this. Do let me know if you have more spots available.

(Miguel Afonso) #5

Hi Ole. Does that mean I should disregard the slot confirmation email I got?

(ole) #6

Sorry @mafonso , I misunderstood your first message and understood that you did not get a slot. I have you down for Thursday 26 at 1pm. Looking forward to seeing you!