In London and up for helping us test new features?

Are you a Monzo iPhone user in London who wants to come and check out some new features we’re building? :wink: We’re running user testing sessions every Thursday lunchtime so if you’re free in the next few weeks, sign up here:

If you’re not free, don’t worry! We’ll be doing these much more regularly over the coming months :smiley:

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It really annoys me that everything is in London :pensive:


it really annoys me that everything’s about the iphone…


I will be from 4th till 7th November, and happy to do some tests?

Full up :frowning:
I’m in London most of the time and happy to help.

Also found this link full up - happy to join anything in London too. I’m about five minutes walk from your office

Count me in! Love to test new features!

Until the beta roll out for Android, and then you guys will be able to head into the Monzo offices to test new magic stuff.

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yep Gary, totally agree

Sorry it’s full! However, if any iOS and avid Monzo users are free this Thursday lunchtime, please email me :slight_smile: I’m