Voice ID technology

(Caleb Wong) #1

Recently I received a card from first direct about their safer telephone banking feature, Voice ID technology for verification.

I think this could be one of the potential verification technique for Mondo as well, by recognising our voice (digital print), making sure this is exactly me. As Mondo should be seen in a new way of banking, making these technology for verification is crucial to become No. 1.

Of coz, there are other tech such as facial recognition and the Touch ID we are using now for our finger prints. Hope could see a more secure banking system soon!

(Joshua Turner) #2

Its a good idea, the technology is also pretty impressive. I have some reservations though, since the technology listens to our voice how could it know the difference between a real person and a high-quality recording? :alien: This is the same question as I’ve asked many Windows developers about the Face-password in Windows 10, how does it know its not being fooled by a video recording. :alien:

Touch ID is the best choice for an iOS device, but since Mondo is not an iOS only bank verification methods for Android (and possibly web) will need to be thought of as well, not many Android devices have a fingerprint scanner - if so is it even secure? (lol Java secure, you serious?) :joy:

In my opinion phone verification is one of the best - universal - ways. :sunglasses:

(Jonas Templestein) #3

Great thoughts here, thank you! Voice ID is definitely on our radar. One way of making sure an attacker can’t fool you with a recording is to ask the user to repeat a sentence or string of numbers. The computer might say “Repeat after me: 1 7 2 9 3 5” and the user would be expected to repeat them. Of course an attacker might have recordings of the user saying all those numbers but in that case you could use pre-recorded words that a user wouldn’t say in day to day interactions so they would be harder to record.

There are similar tricks you can apply to face recognition. For example, if you subtly alter the brightness of the phone screen while taking a video of a face, you’d expect that change in brightness to be detectable in the video. You can sometimes also tell when there’s reflections or glare from another screen in a video capture.

(Joshua Turner) #4

I hadn’t thought of the computer asking for a sentence that would be trickier than getting a recording of 0 - 9. I’d love that for phone banking! If you do decide on using Voice ID make sure it can recognise my voice in hayfeaver season :joy:.

For face recognition altering the brightness wouldn’t work in all cases because I use f.lux which creates a deep yellow colour which is harder to detect changes in brightness and reflection than the usual white.

(Caleb Wong) #5

Yup! Truly the industry have already designed some standards on how to achieve these technology with proper protocol. Just trying to bring the ideas up so @Mondo team notice what kind of technology users are looking for. :slight_smile:
Great example here!