Viva Las Vegas! Providing customer support from the States

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Read all about how we’re running some customer operations from Las Vegas, so we can give all our customers the best possible support.

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #2

Very exciting, even more so when Monzo launch in the US!

It will even work in the reverse for unsociable hours for the US staff :slight_smile:

I hope the culture stays as strong there as it is here as that’s what really makes Monzo :mondo:

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Where about in Vegas?


I have an office in Vegas :sunglasses:

(Nick Slade) #4

This is so exciting!

I’m assuming that this move will also benefit Monzo financially. I remember a few weeks back reading a blog (think it was the Monzo Accounts going public) one of the main missions was to become profitable, or at least break even per account (currently at around £15 per account)

Is this something that will help that? What is the new Cost per account predicted to be?

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Is there a large staff turn over with those who work anti social hours shifts?

(Andre Borie) #6

I have an office in Vegas :sunglasses:

Didn’t know PreeCard was based there.

(Simon B) #7

This was basically my role out there - to instil the culture and make thing seamless between how things are in London, Cardiff, etc.

It was challenging - the vast majority of staff we get in the UK, they know all about Monzo before we hire them, they are passionate about it, they use it, their friends use it. They know about the company, that we’re ethical and transparent, that we celebrate diversity, and that we treat our staff well.

We didn’t have that luxury out there. So it was literally starting from nothing.

I hope I did a good job and I believe that I did. The Vegas team (aka The Sin City Squad as they’re called internally) are an amazing bunch of people and I miss them dearly! They are hugely passionate about Monzo, despite the fact that they can’t yet have accounts themselves. (Although we’ve set up staging/demonstration accounts and have Android and iOS devices in the office to help them diagnose some issues).

I absolutely could not have done it on my own and the way we rallied together as a team to deal with issues (especially things we’d never seen before!) was absolutely inspiring and something I’ll never forget. Literally everyone paid attention to every last detail to make the place magical, and I believe we’ve done that!

Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Dillon Van Auken (Vegas Project Lead & Remote COps Team Lead)
(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #8

That’s great to hear, sounds like you and the team have done a great job! :slight_smile:

Out of interest how’s the Cardiff office coming along? We haven’t heard much about it since it was first mentioned.

(Simon B) #9

That is a great question and there are lots of people better placed to answer that than I - but they are doing great and doing an amazing job too. It’s funny, we get so much information internally that sometimes it’s hard to remember how much has been shared publicly.

Thanks for the nudge though - you’ve reminded me that I wanted to get some folks from Cardiff (and now, Vegas!) more involved here on the forum. You may have seen @CampbellProsser posting here and there - he’s from our Cardiff team :grinning:Stay tuned!

(Richard Bairwell) #10

What sort of things were you surprised you had to teach the US team about? i.e. Did they find the concepts of Direct Debit, Chip and Pin and Contactless payments fascinating (I know the latter two are slowly rolling out in the US, but were they surprised how common all three were in the UK)


Great that you have thought of the impact on lone workers. I work from home for most of the week, sometimes all week - and it gets very lonely. Office visits are crucial to get to know people. I do find in my current role, which l have been in for twelve months l still feel the new person. Often wonder what the drag on productivity that can be…

Good work :+1:


So, where is the next office going to be? :wink:

(Nick Slade) #13

Didn’t you hear? Bristol of course… :wink:

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #14

My guess is somewhere East of the UK


No more so than day staff, if anything they move onto day shifts when they specialise in certain areas.

I’ve literally just moved from a 5pm-2am to a 3pm-12am shift because our Vegas team are bloody excellent.

It’s nuts how we’ve managed to hire Monzo souls in a country where we’ve not even launched. I often forget who’s from where and pretend everyone is remote.

(Aleksander) #16

That is really amazing! Next time I have a query I will try message after midnight and then ask if they are from LA. :sunglasses:

(Simon B) #17

Well, the interesting thing is that obviously we have to teach all of our new hires, even in the UK, some of the details about how payment schemes work.

But in Vegas, we had to teach them everything - what’s common, what’s not common in the UK but may be a regular occurrence in the US, Contactless, how there’s generally a limit on Contactless but there’s exceptions, Direct Debits, Faster Payments and how the FPS network works… like, literally everything! We weren’t really surprised about anything - we approached the training on the basis that they’d know nothing about how UK payment schemes work - because, why would they? But in many cases, we’d start by finding out what they knew about how banking works for them in different scenarios, find some common ground, and then build up from there.

Oli Zarandi and Tristan Manetta from our training team lead the training on all this stuff, and they are absolute geniuses. Just incredible at teaching some pretty complex stuff in easy to understand ways.

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Would it not have been easier to find expats from the UK?

(Liam W) #19

I hope the next Q&A will be with the Sin City Squad… they’ll have to answer overnight :wink:



I am sure you meant migrants or immigrants from the UK :joy::joy: