Providing customer support from Las Vegas! 🇺🇸

Our trial in Las Vegas has been a success, so we’re opening our own office there in the New Year!


Really awesome news! :tada: Very exciting to see Monzo branching out to the USA :us:

I’m sure this will go a long way towards helping Monzo expand globally in the future :eyes:

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What’s up with the various instances of us after Las Vegas in these articles? Obviously it is in the US, but seems an unusual presentation

Maybe my quote there answers the question! But it is not showing in the blog title or the blog article text

they are such good people :raised_hands:

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Vegas team are the best.

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It’s the US flag emoji. If your current device doesn’t support flag emoji, it’ll just show the identifier.

Although if you’re seeing them in the community but not the blog… that’s strange. I see them everywhere.

Also, the Las Vegas office is opening on my birthday…

:shushing_face: The London team might be listening :joy:


They all know I love them too (and Cardiff!!!) :hot_coral_heart:

Vegas team have different obstacles to overcome - little sync-up time with the majority of the company here who work in the day, and the fact that they can’t actually use the app, which means troubleshooting can be more difficult. Plus a few other obstacles that popped up early on over there.

They’ve shown incredible tenacity and enthusiasm and become a phenomenal team, and I know especially for those of us that have been out there working with them, we feel incredibly proud of them and are so excited to be able to hire them directly - it opens up huge possibilities there in terms of how we expand their operation, their ability to progress and specialise, etc :grinning:


Better get cracking on opening up in the US of A so they can use it then eh :joy_cat:


Bit rubbish that Google Chrome on this laptop does not! Seems alright on my phone

Seems like a bit of a gamble! :blush:

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I think it’s super important that some forum members pop out to Las Vegas. Just so, you know, the US office understands the importance of the community - and to give them a feel of a customer meet up. Right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is awesome news! Glad it’s all paid off for the hardworking staff members. It’s going to be a great story to follow as the team grow there.

I literally just got that pun :joy:

I do agree I think the Las Vegas office is awesome news! :partying_face:

Everyone I’ve spoken to from Monzo is really nice and I’m glad to see the Monzo team growing. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see what you all do next :slightly_smiling_face:


Working nights is horrible for anyone - this is a much better solution!

As the person who used to almost entirely run support from 7pm–4am UK time 5 days (over the weekend too!) until the Vegas Team joined, I absolutely agree. :hot_coral_heart: