Monzo to shutter Las Vegas?

I guess this builds on the furloughing of COps in the UK.

Have to hope there’s sufficient capacity left to support customers in extraordinary times.

I don’t think it is anything to be concerned about. They’ve already said that card use has drastically reduced and therefore the need for support has too.

I’ve seen people report instant response times which is good too. :slight_smile:


The article says that the decision to close the Las Vegas office was already being considered before pandemic started so it seems to suggest bigger concerns in Monzo about cash burn and controlling costs.

I wonder what this means for their US plans though - as Americans are likely to want CS staff in the same country - even if it doesn’t effect the current beta


I don’t get this repeated reference to ‘card use’. Monzo is a bank account, which is about so much more than just card use.

OK. People using their account has drastically reduced :slight_smile:


The article states that none of the LA team currently work on US Monzo

Wasn’t just referring to you, Ordog. When Simon came and have information on the thread discussing the A/B testing on chat, he also referred to ‘card use’ declining, iirc.

A bit of inbound but mostly card usage. Here ya go :slight_smile:


This decision seems to have been taken on cost grounds given it was considered before the pandemic and lockdown which led to reduced usage

I worry if staff are thinking of the bank account largely in terms of ‘card use’.

Yes, but I would lay money on the fact the the original purpose of the team was to provide support to US customers and they were being trained/used to support UK customers in the meantime.

Otherwise, there would have been no need to open an office in the US when they did

I wouldn’t read into it more that what is there. Dont worry :slight_smile:


It mainly is card use that drives need to contact them though. Payment did not go through. Payment went through twice. Payment cleared, but did not register at website. Lost card. That sort of thing etc etc

All of those are way down in both my personal experience and, from word from Simon, across the customer base as well

I’ve only ever had to contact Monzo about direct debits and the like because Southern Water have a flair for cocking things up their end


@gt94sss2 comment still stands though… At the point Monzo US goes general release in the those customers are going to want to contact CS on or much nearer their own timezone. Given the vastly different banking rules we can’t rely on UK CS being able to respond to those calls.


I’m curious about something from the article, and building on another couple comments:

It should also be noted that this doesn’t appear to impact Monzo’s U.S. launch. Vegas support staff were servicing U.K. customers only, with U.S. customer support provided by a small team in London closer to the development and iteration of the Monzo USA beta.

This seems a bit… counterintuitive, to have US support come from the UK. I wonder what goes into the decision that the support team should be more remote from the customers than from the app development team.

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Of course - I imagine that’s at least 2 years away though - maybe longer given the current situation.

Plenty of time to re-open when it’s cost effective.

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Las Vegas team were always there to avoid UK team having to work unsociable hours - their evening time covered most of our night

UK team covering US for now as it is a small operation and a lot of things are new and moving fast


In that case, then, I wonder who’s on the other end of the phone number on my US card. I’ve never actually been able to get through to someone during the day, but if they’re based in the UK and working off those hours it would make sense. I always thought that number was ringing through to an office in the US because it was “local” to the US.

This is the key thing here. By now they have such a large number of support staff that I’m sure they can provide 24/7 UK based support from people who WANT to work nights - and if they can, that is a marketing point too. Did Corona accelerate it? Probably. Is that a bad thing? Probably not (apart from for those who lost jobs).