Virtual flex card disappeared from my account

As the title says: had a flex card-used it a few times- looked today-no longer in ap’

I’m assuming you’ve messaged support, other than uninstall the app and reinstall just in case it’s a bug. Not much anyone else can really help with.

Do you still have Flex available?

Does it give you the option to apply for flex?

Or is your balance still there but the card no longer visible?

Sounds like they re-assessed you and you’re no longer eligible.

That would be a **** way of doing business!! No message. Still waiting to hear back from support!!!

The no message part maybe, but no longer being eligible is normal.

It was just a guess though :man_shrugging:

Is it asking you to re-apply or something? What happens if you tap the feed item that originally invited you? Or this ‘get access’ button on their website:

When did you last Flex something?

I can’t find the terms and conditions on the web, but I do recall that when I signed up it mentioned if you don’t use Flex for a while, they reserve the right to reassess whether you still need it.

Any luck in answering these?

I’ve been waiting since 10:50 for a response to my chat. Now 16:30 and no reply.

People are trying to help you here…

Does Flex still show below your pots?

Can you Flex a payment that you’ve made in the last week?

It’s not an urgent issue so isn’t going to get a quicker answer.

I last used flex card in January. surely they’d let me know before revoking it???

And I appreciate all help.
No, flex doesn’t show below my pots
no, I can’t flex a recent payment
no, it’s not urgent, but I had expected an answer within five hours, otherwise it’s less of a ‘chat’ service and more of an email.

From the T&Cs

Do you think any of these apply to you?

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Thanks for posting those screenshots; thought it was three months, not two months. Have just rapidly grabbed my phone and found a transaction to flex :laughing:

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Thanks for the information that’s really useful. Those conditions seem reasonable to me, but I have a zero balance, haven’t ever missed any payments, have used it in January, so at a loss!

I’m not a fan of that clause really.

I thought I could help OP after you mentioned it, but this requirement seems a bit strange.

Maybe I need something in my export that counts the days since my last Flexing!

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I suspect they’ll rarely act on it, and it’s just a get out of jail free clause if needs be.

Odd to enforce any of this stuff without prior notice though. Usually I’ll get an email to say an account is being closed due to inactivity and they’ll give me a grace period to start using it.

Fair warning should be expected here I think.

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It does seem a bit odd, but maybe it’s because while Flex in in ‘Early Access’ they want to make sure people who have it are actively using it, and increasing the chance of catching any bugs/strange issues, while also providing more data for creating accurate metrics.

So people who sign up and don’t use aren’t adding to any of that, and assuming that Monzo can only book so much potential liability as Flex, they don’t want people who aren’t using the product to block out people who might make much greater use of it?

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No, well, problem solved although not explained. Somehow my flex card had been removed from my account, no explanation of why, I re-applied, and now I have it back. How bizarre!
Thank you for all the help from this forum.