✅ Virtual / Disposable Cards

Not even in Labs of existing Plus users?

New Plus is completely separate to old plus. Afaik you’d need to cancel your old Plus and sign up to new Plus

I can’t see them launching a premium feature and putting it in labs. If people are paying for an advertised feature then it needs to be ready to roll out to all

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New Plus, Old Plus

Double plus good


So seems pretty concrete that the Plus feature set is pretty locked down.

Looking forward to hearing more updates when they come.

This would be a good idea you could have on off card for lesser known website and if any think did happen then the card could be low led of changed right away.

Card would be virtual so thye would like in the monzo all you could get new ones the.

You could fix the card with amount all to use.

The money source stuff looks interesting, I wonder if a particular card can be tied to a particular pot. Would make matching card subscriptions to a pot much easier.

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This would be amazing! Please do this Monzo <3

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Check out the Android deep drive thread. Hints of it coming soon are there!

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Virtual cards are great, but it would be really good to lock a card to a specific vendor, that way if the vendor was compromised then it would not work. This would of help massively with big data breaches like the ticketmaster breach.

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Wise (previously TransferWise) have had debit cards for quite a while, and now they also have virtual and disposable debit cards.
I left Monzo when they cancelled my debit card, providing me with no way for me to get a replacement (without me paying)…I was going to leave anyway due to there being no web app/site, so it just brought my plans forward a bit. Still, if Monzo provided a virtual card feature as standard, then I would have waited.
It seems this ‘Virtual/Disposable card’ feature is now one that is provided as standard - and Wise isn’t even a bank, proper.

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I would like feature similar to Privacy.com - where you could set a spend limit on a card, have it as like a child card! - that’s one way around a “child account” actually I think that would be a thing when ‘Pay from pots’ becomes a thing

Whereabouts in the app is this option? I can’t locate it - I have the green physical personal card and black/green physical business card. But can’t find a virtual card option. Thanks :slight_smile:

Go to:


(after logging in/etc) towards the bottom of that page is a section ‘Get a virtual debit card’:

" Use it online and in-store

Make purchases online, set up recurring payments and spend with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Instantly generate new card details

Get extra security by replacing your card whenever you need to.

I’m not sure about the native app since I was using their web app (;))

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Ah, thank you. I will have a look :slight_smile:

Thanks. Once it’s added in the website, you can see it and manage it in the app, including replacing it. Curiously, chip and pin is available as a payment method and enabled by default.

But it seems that to add it to Google Pay you have to write down the details and type them in manually.

Still, that’s free and Monzo charge £60 a year for virtual cards. So I’ll settle for that.

Thanks again for your help.

Edit - seems you can have more than one virtual card. I have two (testing if “get new card” replaced the first one - it didn’t, there’s a replace card option) and it’s still offering to allow me to create a third card.

Interestingly you can add the wise virtual cards to Apple Pay via the app button

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There’s a similar button in Android, but it just opens up Google Pay with the camera on and “Scan a card or enter details manually”.

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A corollary to this would be if someone tried to use an expired card, you could alert someone or maybe put them on a list of potentially fraudulent/breached companies.

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