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Maybe this is already known, but I’ve just been able to add my Virgin Atlantic credit card to Google Pay. VM have spent years saying it’s coming soon and now it’s here they seem to have not told anyone.


I had a similar experience, except in my case it was my address they weren’t 100% convinced was right.

They asked me to upload a statement from another bank to a secure portal of the Amex website (yes, it wasn’t a scam - the genuine Amex website) and then call them back on the general customer service number to confirm I’d done it. While on the phone they double-checked it was received and processed correctly and then marked my mobile number as definitely me on the system too.

I got the impression it was a random check rather than anything brought on by my account activity.

Well they most likely used a combination of application data (run against fraud databases like CIFAS and National Hunter) credit reference agency data (checked against your application details) and possibly the electoral register as well.

If you feel at risk of fraud in any way then you can set yourself up for CIFAS protective registration so that every application you make has to go through extra checks and usually be confirmed by you personally - so automated applications alone would never work. However, this process can cause new applications for financial products to be difficult and onerous and it is usually only used after an account-holder has already experienced fraud (in case they are on a hit list and targeted again with the same stolen details).

I guess it depends on what details the credit provider gets when they search your credit file. If they get a list of account numbers and you’re wanting to transfer a loan to an account which matches then all good… If it doesn’t match then there is more risk.

But the risk is on the lender to complete KYC at an adequate level for their risk profile.


oh mine was account activity… New account… Used it lightly for a few transactions then few months in I make a larger purchase (Macbook for uni) and they blocked my account for review. It was awkward in the store -_-


They probably do a mix of both!

My account was all fine for the first 6 months or so, then the random check appeared totally out of the blue when I hadn’t made any unusual purchases.

Clearly some checks after account opening, at least if a new customer is making a big out-of-character purchase, are prudent, too - but I can imagine it was a stressful experience at the time.

TSB blocked my credit card when I was buying an iPhone once (I know, you should expect that with TSB - but I wanted to use the card as it was offering 1% cashback at the time). They were very good about sorting it out though.

In theory. In practice Barclays made it a nightmare do to anything with them unless I went into branch, First Direct asked me for an extra form of ID; and other organisations seemingly just disregarded it completely.

Had a credit card opened with no extra checks whatsoever; and lots of e-money accounts (from orgs who are members of Cifas). Maybe they were content with ID+video combination (actually, one or two didn’t even ask for that), but still, that meant no extra checks.

So ultimately I decided it wasn’t currently worth it for me and asked to have it removed. Funnily enough, the only things Cifas require to remove it are the exact details a fraudster can obtain very easily from public sources/data leaks

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Not that surprising, and those are the sorts of inconsistencies I was alluding to earlier.

I suppose relative ease in removing it is like a door being locked - you could break the lock or force it open, but why bother when you can move on to an “easy target”? I accept that it wouldn’t stop “revenge attack” types of fraud where you are a personal target, but it would probably stop general criminal activity.


Finally had a chat with virgin regarding my closed account, despite 39 people ahead of me, they answered anyway

Just do a standing order of £1 in each month and it’ll stay open!

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How long way it before they closed it on you?

Looks like about 1 and a half years

Opened on about 11/11/2020, closed about a month ago (I think), so June 2022

I don’t have an email about it, but I had a letter I chucked out, not really caring, until the interest rate went up :joy:


Update: Opened a new current account with Virgin Money, after having difficulty signing in (my current account details were not accepted, on a whim, tried my Savings account details (wouldn’t usually work) and login went through)

Moved my savings over from Chase and setup a standing order on £1 a month to be sent to the current account to keep it Active :smiley:

I am likely to get a new card (thanks boys), they also gave me another savings account, so now I have two and will need to close the old one


Assume you have the ‘M Plus Account’. I’d pay upto £1k into it and the rest into their savings account. On the current account you get 2.02% upto £1k vs 1.71% on the savings


The virgin money app crashes on the new iOS beta 5


Updated payment tab

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About time. The payments screen was horrible. Then choosing why you’re sending to your own account, it doesn’t fit on one screen so have to scroll. It’s a pain :melting_face:

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Has anyone had any experience with Virgin Money’s private banking offering?

I currently use HSBC Premier, but am ready to abandon ship.

does it work at all ? or does it crash sometimes but still useable i want to upgrade but it’s my main bank

Nope, not for me. Crashes every time just after Face ID.

damn can u update this if it’s fixed


Virgin money have managed to successfully combine the cashback accounts from my Credit Card and current account. I was worried they were going to mess this up!

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