View S&S ISA value within Monzo

Is there any chance we could please see our S&S ISA value within Monzo.

I notice we can now see our Mortgage in Monzo… is there any chance that Monzo can be used as a wealth management type tool in the future?


I believe this is the long term plan. But the issue is getting all this data from third parties. Unless they support open banking, then there’s no chance

Mortgage uses your credit report so isn’t an option for ISA etc

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Firstly, happy birthday!

Secondly, I’d be keen for this too.

Thirdly, Monzo seems to be working on its own investments product. Hopefully that’ll be competitively priced, will launch soon, and won’t preclude third party integration in due course!


cake slice day is anniversary day, not birthday, that’s full cake day.

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