VAT Receipt request

(Paul Griffin) #1

Does anyone ever pay for something with their card and not get a VAT receipt?

Would it be possible to request a VAT receipt from the supplier via the Monzo app??

What are your thoughts??

(MikeF) #2

Do any shops/suppliers have the ability to do that on a request from a bank?

Is there a mechanism for a bank to make such a request?

I’d have though some sort of communications infrastructure or protocol would be needed to support an idea like this. It may exist but I’ve not heard of it.

(Toby Toller) #3

I work in retail and doubt that many, if any, current MPOS systems would have that sort of integration built into them

(James Murray-Ferris) #4

I’ve read somewhere that MasterCard for example can request the itemised purchases so can effectively generate a receipt but don’t think they pass that data on and not sure how many POS systems would fulfil that request

I’ll try and dig out the source of where I’ve heard that though

EDIT: A blog on Level 3 payment data. Couldn’t find anything more official

(Jack) #5

This is the closest thing I’ve found. Requires the retailer to sign up to the service and then banks to intergrate. It appears Monzo already does?


I am sure they are hatching some plans right now!


Right now they are fully integrated to Starling Bank. Flux is also live in closed pilot with Monzo however all slots are currently taken.

(Paul Griffin) #8

Apologies for my ignorance, does that mean it’s possible?


Only possible if you in that closed beta group, otherwise you will have to wait for it to open to the public.

(Paul Griffin) #10