(Tom Ryan-Elliott) #1

Does anyone know if there will be a plan for Monzo to cover more in terms of your purchases so we don’t need a receipt from shops etc?

(Rika Raybould) #2

That’s the plan I keep hearing!

The main examples are things like TfL integration to show the journeys used to construct a charge. There’s also been talk of possible future integration with merchants that have rewards systems such as Nectar through the Monzo API, etc.

It’s kind of difficult because nothing in this area is standardised and certain things really should happen at the card network level or as part of an open banking system between merchants and card issuers to be truly useful.

Before all that though, Monzo still needs to finish building all the core banking technologies and launch the current account, I doubt you’ll hear any solid plans along these lines until that happens!

(Tom Ryan-Elliott) #3

Thank you for your response and I can understand that it may take a long time to actually happen (if it’s ever able to work). It would be perfect if it actually happens :innocent: