Using the back button on Android phone

Hi :wave:
I love the new app, I really do. But I do struggle with 1 thing, and that is once you’re in a pot and you want to go back to the overview of all pots you need to swipe down. The amount of times i hit the “return” key, bottom right one on my Samsung, and closed the Monzo app is insanely frustrating. I’ve spoken to people around me who are having the same issue.
Isn’t it possible to add in the return key as going back to the overview, instead of closing the app completely? :raised_hands:

Similar happened to me this morning. Opened the app and it was showing a pot I was looking at yesterday. Touched the ‘back’ button on my phone expecting this to put me back in the main account view, and it quit the app instead.

Rather annoying, because it’s a pain to have to swipe all the way back through the pots to the main account.

(I’ve edited the topic, btw, to clarify this is about Android phones, not iOS, and also because when I intitially read the topic before clicking I thought it was ‘return key’ as in the key on the keyboard, so changed to ‘back button’ to remove the ambiguity. Hope that’s OK.)


Also struggle with this. It’s a bit better for me since I realised if you keep swiping down you get to a list of accounts and pots, more quickly than doing the sideways swipes, so I’m getting used to doing that. But I still think the back button should definitely behave more intuitively than it does now - it’s standard practice across apps that the back button generally goes up the hierarchy of pages so going to “home” showing the main account, or going to the list of accounts, as the final destination, would make much more sense.


Yeah, it’s annoying with gesture navigation in Android 10 too. Swiping to go back illogically quits the app. :pensive:


I definitely would like to see this implemented, as a user of the gesture controls on Android 10 it’s all to easy to quickly exit the app rather than go back. The home fragment should have some measure of displaying a toast notification telling the user to press back again to exit rather than always exit on back, or have to press back twice with a short delay perhaps.

It’s kinda been improved. But I feel like you should be able to swipe back/tap the back button until you go back to the home screen/default screen.

I keep finding myself exiting app by accident for pressing back key during navigation one too many times and getting thrown back to launcher.

In my experience it’s best to add a confirmation toast option to exit upon last back key entry.