Annoyed by the swipes & taps

Frustrated by the amount of swipes and taps I have to make to navigate about the Monzo app. Is there a feature (or roadmap) to disable some of the unnecessary extra swipes (which often have to be atempted multiple times to be successful) to navigate between accounts and reveal hidden buttons?

First time using this forum. Shame feedback is not built into the app itself, this would avoid manual input for below.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device: Pixel
App Version:


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What sort of things in particular are you finding annoying? Navigating from where to where etc?

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As above, some examples would be good, and a comparison to other banking apps you use that have less steps than what Monzo has? :pray:t3:

Attempted multiple times is probably more related to Android than Monzo.

(I’ve moved this to Feedback & Ideas as it’s not a bug)


The whole theatre performance when claiming a payment early got old very quick, but that’s the only example I can think of where a commonly used feature is unnecessarily tappy.


I’m comfortable with the taps on Monzo.

Not so on the new Google Wallet though.

But that’s another thread.

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Not a big issue, but as it’s come up, I’m really tired of having to delete the default £100 every time I want to move money to a pot.

Backspace-Backspace-Backspace and go!


Just tap the wallet, instead of dragging? :eyes:

But also I think it’s deliberate to slow down the process & reduce server load maybe? :man_shrugging:t3:

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Hi Adrian & welcome back :wave:

I think the unfortunate answer to this is no. If I’m interpreting your Issue properly, the need to swipe left/right to get to the desired card/account and then the need to swipe down (a little) to access the account action buttons is the bugbear?

This is because of the carousel design, which provides quick access to multiple cards/accounts and their subsequent actions and there are a few shortcuts:

  • Tap on ‘Home’ to cycle through the Cards & Accounts (this won’t cycle through pots nested underneath Monzo cards/accounts, but it will allow quick access to ‘parent’ cards/accounts)

  • When you are seeing a card/account display, tap/hold & drag the horizontal line under the card halfway down the screen to reveal the ‘blue’ card/account action buttons. If you then tap/hold & drag the ‘down arrow’ down further, it’ll reveal the complete list of cards/accounts/pots available in your :monzo: account and you can tap into any card/account/pot quickly from there

Feedback is built into the app, but it may not be obviously available - tap on ‘Help’, type ‘contact support’ in the search bar, tap on the returned search result ‘Contacting support’ and then in the ‘Chat with us’ section, tap on ‘Tap here to get started.’

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You can store down, which will display a list of cards/account to select from, so you don’t have to swipe though them all.

Yup, as described in my second bullet point above :point_up:

Oops, I completely misread that. I think it was the reference to the ‘horizontal line’ that the me off; you don’t have to drag that line down, you can drag down from anywhere on the screen.

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