Android back button

I frequently find myself hitting the back button on my Android device and expecting the app to go back to the Home tab (e.g. if in the summary screen). Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and I find myself back at my Android home screen rather than the home tab within the Monzo app. I then have to go back into the Monzo app and fingerprint auth again.

Muscle memory is the cause, because all the apps I have return you to the app’s main screen when the back button is pressed. It’s hard to get out of the habit since I use it for every app except Monzo.

It would be good if the back button took you back to the home tab, and a second press exit the app. I understand this would be a personal preference thing, so would likely need an option to disable the behaviour.



It’s like a dead pixel. I didn’t really notice, but now it’s really irritating!


Dammit now I’m annoyed by it too :rofl: . At first I was just like “ohh that’s weird, probably just me” but now I know it’s an issue I can see me getting frustrated by this :exploding_head:


This is one of those times when you identify something really annoying but you didn’t realise it was a problem until pointed out.


:no_mouth: can’t believe I’ve never noticed this. Only seems to be a problem with the main tabs at the bottom.


Sorry guys :grinning:

I was expecting people to say it was already raised, despite me being unable to find a thread on it through search. It seemed too obvious for it not to have already been highlighted.


Logically the main screen + navigation bar is one screen, so you’d expect back to take you to the launcher. Back changing tabs would be wierd IMO.

Only very recently material design guidelines stated this explicitly, but they’re constantly editing it (to make it less platform specific), but it’s still the standard & default implementation.

Nope, I wouldn’t. Only the Monzo app on my phone operates in this manner. Even the YouTube app takes you to the home tab rather than the launcher when you press back.

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This used to irritate me, but having no PIN entry somewhat eases the pain of getting back into the app quickly.

But i wouldn’t mind it taking me back to the previous screen, rather than out of the app.


Honestly, the back button taking me to the apps home page instead of out of the app (when there is a clear way to navigate to the home page anyway) is one of the things that really annoys me in most apps lol :smiley:

I generally only use the back button either when I want to close the app, or if there is no button in the app to take me back to where I want to go (pretty rare).

This should definitely be a thing!

Good news… it is! :smiley:

Not in the current version of the app, it isn’t.

It infuriates me that this still hasn’t been fixed. When the new nav was being developed we were told that this would be addressed. Unsurprisingly it still hasn’t been done.

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If I’m anywhere other than the Home page then pressing the back button takes me to the last place I was looking on the Home page. That’s normal behaviour surely?

Have you tried viewing a pot then pressing the back button?