Using Monzo on groupon USA site

Anyone managed to use groupon usa with monzo when it asks for a zip?
Tried the usual ones to try but it just keeps saying the zip doesn’t match.

Tried so many and just won’t work :sob:

89109 ??? no idea

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Have you tried “99999”?

That’s usually the generic zip code in the USA for things that need one when you don’t have one.

As I said I tried all the usual ones but they don’t work. Tried about 10 different ones


etc etc

when asked for the zip code enter the digits from your postcode, ignoring the letters, and then enter zeros (0) to fill the remaining digits until you have 5 digits in total.

I’ve heard that works

Didn’t work tried that too

I think @Rika has mentioned a workaround to this previously on the forum.
I’ll try and find it.

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lol its like 20 questions this

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And I have tried all the usual ones which I why I wondered if anyone managed successfully lol

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Thanks, couldn’t find anything myself

Used PayPal instead linked to monzo


These can require the ‘city’ field to match the zip. So first find a valid city+zip pair (e.g. look up the address of some shop or business to find this). Then enter the first line of your actual (UK) address with the city and zip that you have. Works 99% of the time. Basically mixing your real billing address with a random but valid city+zip pair. Gets around ooorly-designed systems.

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