Using UK Monzo in USA


I’ve been able to use my Monzo card at shops and restaurants, but any online transactions get declined. Is there something I can do to let them know it’s me?


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You shouldn’t have an issue trying to use your card online, have you tried contacting CS to see if they can investigate this, there may be an issue unrelated to you being in USA.

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It’s also possible that the American websites you are trying to use don’t process transactions through a Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant version of 3D Secure, as U.K. and EU cards are required to use. This would mean that, because the retailer isn’t set up for it, your card gets declined instead of going through the 3D Secure process.


I had trouble with this, it was where some apps or websites didn’t allow entry of the UK region (outside North America) or postcode in the ZIP code box. Hope this sheds some light on it!


Sometimes you have to use a “blank” zip code, such as 00000, or another placeholder zip code. There is varying advice on it, but all zeros usually seems to work according to most reports.

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I’ll try this in future, thanks for sharing!

I wonder if the suggested tips functionality that Monzo has built for the US market is going to be turned on for when UK users visit the States? :monzo_usa: