Using Monzo card online in different currency

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Has anyone used Monzo card for online purchases in foreign currency? I want to buy train tickets in euro and I am not sure if Monzo card can be used and if there is a currency conversion charge.
Has anyone got the experience using the card online or foreign purchase?

Mush appreciate any feedback


You buy in Euro and Monzo will apply the MasterCard exchange rate so your account will be billed in a Sterling equivalent

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Hi Kamila :wave: :poland:

I purchased many things online in a foreign currency and I always use Monzo for it. Books from in PLN (Polish company), I paid for my email (Protonmail) in USD, my Usenet account is billed in EUR, I even have one subscription in Australian Dollars too. Never had any problems! :smiley:

Make sure that you are always billed in purchase currency (so USD, PLN etc, and not billed in GBP), as some payment gateways try to apply their exchange rate. This problem sometimes happens with Paypal payments. This is the online equivalent of ATM’s DCC and here’s shameless plug explaining this. I found that it’s not common, much less of a headache than ATM withdrawals. :smile:

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