Using Monzo App in Custom Roms

Hello everyone,

I am a new Monzo account holder. I was considering a new bank and Monzo won me over because, unlike my other bank, I can use the Monzo app on my phone running Lineage OS 15.1. Please keep it that way.

Many thanks,


Personally , I never got the reason banking apps blocking rooted devices, all that for the off chance that someone actually went and made malware specifically for X bank , that got through the app sandbox and passed the additional security questions for irregular transactions ,just to transfer money to an account that would get blacklisted after a couple of times,

When I was using custom ROMs I just logged into online banking using the browser and the browser is the first thing that viruses with root access monitor and leech data off, so it would probably be safer to allow the banking app on rooted devices.

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