Using Jumio when you suspect fraud

Hi Monzo, You currently use Jumio for your onboarding which i assume is going well. An idea regarding potential fraud prevention is that if you suspect fraud on an account (suspicious transactions, unusual activity) then freeze the card, auto generate a Jumio link for a new Selfie and confirmation that they completed x transactions. Card then unfreezes when Jumio is complete and comes back as true, therefore all okay. Minimal customer impact and better still compare the first SELFIE when going through application vs now and check it is the same person. 16 years of experience within Fraud so let me know if any jobs!

Surely it is easier to do what everyone else does and either send a text, call, or a push notification? A push notification will prove the owner still has their device, and has authenticated with either something they have (PIN) or something they are (biometrics). Taking another selfie video is just a waste of time surely.

i am afraid not. there is new frauds (well fairly new to the press) of sim swapper frauds. Fraudsters get access to your mobile number and take over ownership of it and therefore push notifications etc are useless. Worth a read online about them but for reference
see link -

Sim-swapping scams | NatWest

It’s becoming increasingly common amongst fraudsters as it can provide them with the ability to utilise your mobile phone number. This helps them benefit from all the functionality and services your number provides, such as receiving and making phone calls,
receiving and sending SMS messages as well as using any provisioned data allowance.

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What has that got to do with push notifications? They are pushed to a device, not a number, so even if my sim was cloned ten times, it is still only the original device that gets the push notification AND has the app installed and logged in.


Exactly. I suspect someone is not doing their job chances any favours here. :smiley:

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But you can only be logged into a single OS version. 1 login for iOS and 1 for Android at the same time.

If you login to another iOS device, the first is logged out.

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They would still need access to your email as well as swapping your sim