Using data to make sure we have enough COps 📊

If you know us, you’ll know we love data. We use it to make all sorts of important decisions, including ones which help us give our customers a great experience.

That’s why data is used to make sure we have enough people in our Customer Operations team (COps) to answer all the questions that come through.

Our Data Science Lead Niamh spends time checking the data is accurate and can be trusted by running through a series of checks. She dives into the details in this blog post :point_down:


I love this sort of write up so thanks from me. :+1:


Justification based on data. I love it.

Can’t be mentioned enough in our workplace :rofl:

In other news, this person has a heck of a lot of money in just 5 pots :upside_down_face: :wink:


Probably a test account?

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Nora Van Simpska…

I do hope that’s a test account haha


It’s definitely a test account. It would be a frustrating resolution for the customer otherwise :rofl:



We only use handling time to improve our business processes and tools, not to assess the individual performance of COps.

Topical point given heated discussion on another topic lately

It links out to this interesting blog that I missed at the time


Random but do y’all only use MacOS to do your job?

In some capacity it seems. The final screenshot for example was taken on one of the new MacBook Pro machines. The ones with the notches.

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Does this sort of data allow you to review COps working hours etc IE reduce 10pm to 8pm kind of thing?

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I’m really not sure you should have accepted a job you keep trying to change before you’ve started!


I’m just curious on how the data works from the other side :nerd_face:

Hours are fine: I’ve no commitments, was trying to understand a bit more on how the data could change the way the business works, not just taking on more staff or asking people to be flexible.

When do you get the Monzo badge on here?

Also noticed of late, that employees appear to have been demoted to coral crew in threads! What’s up with that?

It’s important to be able to distinguish at a glance that an employee is in fact an employee!


I’m not sure how any of that works.

Probably something to do with adding your Monzo email to your community account instead?

My laptop arrived but still all boxed up and will be until training and set up begins Monday :rocket:


It’s still the weird bug reported ages ago whereby only in topics it shows the lower flair. Categories and the homepage are still OK.

Same with investors (like me) it shows level 3 instead of the rocket.

@AlanDoe was looking into it.

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After you start, you can ask internally for your account on here to be changed to a Monzonaut :relaxed: Can’t remember exactly how though, it was a while ago for me!


Demotion? :scream::joy:

More seriously, I think that something has gone a bit wonky. All Monzo staff are also trust level 4 but it’s defaulting to that rather than the special Monzo staff category.

Invoking @AlanDoe !