Data Hiring at Monzo - The Interview Process 💻

We’ve got quite a few blog posts coming up this week :eyes:

First up we’ve got a bit of insight into how the interview process looks when it comes to a role in Data at Monzo.

It’s one of the areas that’s growing pretty quickly here, we’re almost always hiring people to support the exciting things that our different teams are doing.

@niamhishiring , our Data Recruiter, shares a bit about how we interview our future teammates and why we do it this way - so if you’ve been considering joining us, this’ll hopefully be a handy read.

Niamh has also been kind enough to offer to pick up any questions the Community have about the blog :smiley:


To hold ourselves accountable to good interview standards, we have a ‘Hiring Mentor’ (or Bar Raiser as they are sometimes called) review the whole interview packet to ensure we have gathered clear signal we need to make a decision. They also help spot, remove and educate on things like bias, tone of voice and values/behaviours alignment, ensuring Monzo continuously improves the interview experience.

Never heard of this before :clap: :clap:


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