Using Amex on Googlepay at Lidl

I’ve recently started using Lidl. I used Aldi previously. Lidl take Googlepay and they take Amex. Does anyway know if they take Amex using GPay. I’ve tried & nothing happens. Their staff and their customer services don’t seem to know which is strange.

Well I’d try to use your Amex card next shop and see if that works, then try to use GPay with Monzo and see if that works.

If they both work well I don’t know

I’ll ask my partner tomorrow. Right now she’s fast asleep next to me :relaxed:

Yes, they definitely takes AMEX on their store by using GPay. I live in London and every time when I visit Lidl I use Amex and GPay so definitely should work.

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Thanks for replies this far. Just some further background. Amex works at Lidl using C&P and presumably works using contactless though my spend exceeds £45 so I haven’t tried it. GPay doesn’t work with Amex however it worked with an alternative credit card so they definitely take GPay. Amex using Samsung Pay also doesn’t work at Lidl. The card isn’t declined just nothing happens. So I’m keen to hear of any others that have used Amex using GPay at Lidl? I’ve tried 2 Lidl stores in the same area with the same result. BTW I use Amex/GPay in numerous shops etc and never have any issues. The fallback is of course C&P but I’m not keen to touch card readers in the current climate. I use Amex for the cashback therefore it’s my go to card for spending.

I’ve never had any problems paying at Lidl with Amex under GPay.