Useless - College/Work

You beat me to it :slight_smile:

When I were a lad (cue Hovis music) you needed a degree to get into IT if you wanted to do anything interesting. I went to Uni after leaving school but dropped out after a year. The only jobs I could get were working in a jeweller’s shop and clerical work in local government (although I did get a promotion). Still wanted to work in IT so I went back to uni and really enjoyed it that time. In fact I went on to be a postgrad. I also got my dream job in IT.

In my job I took part in plenty of interviews and, even though we’d asked for a degree in job applications, we interviewed good applicants with basic college qualifications. They were some of the best systems engineers that we ever employed.


this made me smile so much ha ha, my grandfather is young lol, 54. not seen him in a while :frowning:. he is the man, trust me.

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Sounds like you need to be an entrepreneur and not an employee.

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Take a break for a year or two, that’s what i did.

Trying to decide on what career or education you want at 17 is incredibly difficult.

After my break i knew exactly what i wanted to do and i was laser focused

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Don’t do this. ChatGPT is a fun toy but never put anything on your CV you can’t back up and discuss at length at interviews

Creative swearing helps

I recommend Mike Meyers

Customer support isn’t for everyone but it’s a great grounding for anything you go on to do in the future (either in IT or not).

Computer science is dull. Sorry but it is. Maybe look at apprenticeships in other areas like networking, cyber sec etc.

If education isn’t for you then that’s fine too. But
you’re bottom rung both with experience and age, don’t expect miracles overnight


I like this you’re pragmatic. re: GPT, just the top bit. I have been excellent at replying to tickets and taking calls via PBX. Not worried on that, the rest is organic.

Will reply to the rest :slight_smile:

Sure, but that’s not what ‘customer service professional’ means. That means you do it as your full time vocation, which you don’t. Hence why it’s better to write these things yourself, even if difficult.

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I really envy that. Even now I sometimes feel like I’m flailing aimlessly in the dark. I’ve got a pretty varied skill set at this point. I know what I’m good at and that’s what I do, and I keep branching it. But I’ve no passion really. The only thing that really drives me is just technical mastery.