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So I’m currently thinking of going back to education to study business. I’m leaning towards a foundation degree with my local college, which I actually planned to enrol on this year but I ended up leaving it a bit late and… it’s now become a next year thing, sadly.

As the enrolment period of September 2019 is a while away, I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for educational books/websites etc that I could take a look at in the meantime, almost as a sort of unstructured attempt to study before the actual course begins.

I’ll attach a screenshot with some information about the course and the various modules included. Hope this post… makes sense :sweat_smile:


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They’ll have a reading list for the course with relevant materials - just ask them.


Have you seen the personal MBA site?


I’d also have a look at OpenLearn - it offers free courses on a range of different subjects. There’s a lot of business courses and it’s offerred by the Open University.


That’s super exciting @MarcDando! Congratulations!

Regardless of your level of experience, in terms of unstructured ‘study’, just following the business and financial press is a very good place to start. Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the Economist are my preferred establishment sources. They all require registration, but there are workarounds to the paywalls, as subscriptions can be expensive.

Finimize and Morning Brew are good resources to check out, and deliver easily digestible business news into your inbox or notification screen if you have the app. I find if I come across new terms or concepts I am unfamiliar with, Investopedia offers some excellent primers, sometimes with video content too, so it’s a great quick, free reference resource.

Evan Davis has an excellent programme on BBC Radio 4 called the Bottom Line. It’s a panel structured around particular themes such as co-working, strategy or ownership. The guests are usually excellent and the discussion is broad, which often serves up interesting insights. I find this less grating than the likes of the excruciating 11:FS podcast for example.

If you’re London based, there are tons of events at CASS Business School, London Business School and the LSE. The majority of events are free, and attract big names from politics, economics and business. You’ll get a view on the conversation and thinking taking place by some of the highly regarded people in their field. Even if you’re not, it’s definitely worth signing up to their mailing lists as many events, debates and panels are live streamed or archived as podcasts, though defo attending in person if you can.

A more structured online resource with many courses delivered by world renowned institutions such as MIT, Yale and Stanford is Acumen. There are free and paid courses here, on hundreds of topics, so there’s lots to sink your teeth into once you find your groove.


Thanks for the responses everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Mind if I ask what outcome you’re looking for? Where do you see yourself afterwards? :slight_smile:


Long answer

Honestly, I’m not too sure at the moment. I’ll be 30 in March and ever since I left school I’ve worked in customer service/retail. Nine years in a customer facing role at Specsavers, a year on the phones at the HMRC, and I’m currently working for a contact centre that operates helplines for charities. It’s getting to the stage where I feel like it would be nice to (this may sound cheesy) reinvent myself a little bit, and when I looked at the list of courses on my local college’s website the only subject that jumped out at me really was business.

Short answer

The ‘marketing relationships’ module probably intrigues me more than any other :slightly_smiling_face: