Use monzo as a secondary bank to put savings in to

Currently with barclays, want to keep them, but I was wondering if its worth gettting a monzo account and setting up a standing order to just put regular amounts in to for savings, is that something I can do? or is it not a good idea. Im only young so Im not clued up on this stuff.

You can do it. Starling offer 0.5% interest for free on their standard accounts. I would suggest Marcus by Goldman Sachs, it’s an instant access online saver which gives you 1.5% interest.


Whilst Monzo’s rates are getting better all the time, truth be told it’s not really the best for this sort of thing.

For savings I would look at Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

You could but their are accounts with other financial institutions which are better for savings than Monzo.

Have a look at Marcus for instance for instant access accounts

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I’d also recommend Marcus if you’re purely looking for savings