Usage Restrictions/Security

(Tom Duckering) #1


Recently my normal debit card was used to withdraw cash in Asia. I feel that this kind of thing should be impossible.

Perhaps Mondo should not allow cash withdrawals from cash machines that are not within some sensible distance of my phone. And in the case of someone trying I want to know about it.

Or some kind of second factor authorisation via the app may be an interesting idea.

Keep up the good work. There’s tonnes of potential here.


(Tristan Thomas) #2

For sure :slight_smile: We can’t wait to really get started on fraud protection like this – @tom is a big fan of what we could do to a) stop your card being fraudulently used abroad and b) stop your card from being blocked when you’re legitimately using it abroad!

(Rika Raybould) #3

Just a cool thing I really want to see, Barclays sends an SMS when any transaction is declined for fraud reasons and provides details with a single character (Y/N) response to either launch an investigation or allow it on retry (Q: Is the auth timeout long enough to allow for a push notification with accept/decline to be sent to a user?).

Would be really cool to have this kind of functionality in the app with Mondo’s rich transaction information. It would certainly resolve the pain my Dad goes through every year paying for IBM software licensing and getting his credit card locked for multiple days.

As for going abroad, anything to prevent the pains my girlfriend went through with Lloyds in Japan. ANYTHING. I imagine location services are going to be super useful here along with being able to show current exchange rates where you are and tips for use in the country.

(tom) #4

Totally, we’ve got some really fun stuff planned here, exactly along these lines :smiley:

Sadly not. We’ve got about 200ms in which to reply to our card processor.

Extra security preventing fraud
(Rika Raybould) #5

Aww. :slightly_frowning_face: At least knowing that, I can blame someone else when a terminal takes an excruciatingly long time to come back with approval!

(Aran) #6

Need to obviously consider the fact that when abroad you don’t always have your roaming switched on.

(Stuart Cameron) #7

Would be stuck if you got to country and the roaming was stupidly expensive and you didn’t have wifi :frowning:

(Jack Nichol) #8


  • approve if near phone’s location.
  • decline if not.
  • approve if location cannot be determined.