Transactions In South East Asia

Has anyone got any experience using their card in South East Asia? I’m planning a trip there and India this summer and am a bit nervous about relying on just Mondo. It’s worked perfectly :ok_hand: for me in the Eurozone though!

While it has a good track record, Mondo is not considered completely stable. You must always carry a second normal card with you - especially when overseas, etc.

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Exactly what James said! Please don’t just rely on Mondo – we hope it’ll work perfectly but it’s still very much a beta and things can (and do) stop working sometimes :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Mondo as my primary card in Taiwan for the last month, and it’s worked pretty well.

  1. Hardly any ATMs here are usable. Presumably because they use the magstripe, which is not supported. HSBC and Citibank ATMs do work (and confirmed on this forum to work in Thailand also, and I’d presume Japan and other countries).
  2. It’s worked for all contactful transactions I’ve attempted, and all but one contactless. The one failed contactless transaction was declined without reason.
  3. I’ve had suspicious looks about the number instead of name on the card, but it’s never been an issue.
  4. Vendor names are rarely correct - submitting corrections has become strangely compulsive.
  5. Beware the £1000 monthly ATM limit. This is potentially very big trouble because it’s not documented anywhere, so you don’t know about it until you’ve topped up your card with the money with no immediate way to withdraw it back out :imp:
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I used my card to pay a hotel bill in Austria which was for £1800, my first try for the whole amount was declined, I then payed in three consecutive transactions of £750, £750 and £300 all went through without problems , having chatted to Tom on the chat facility ( on a Saturday afternoon ! ) he informed me that there was a £1000 limit per transaction - which Mondo would be increasing in the future - I appreciate this is not an ATM issue - but something else to be aware of if paying big bills at hotels etc , - do it in less than £1000 transactions. Great exchange rates though :wink:

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