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I have a refgular UK Monzo account. I work on a cruise ship in the US, and I’m paid to a US-based company debit card (managed byOnbe, who were North Lane, who were Wirecard.) Using a Global deposit option on the US bank’s website, I can transfer money to my other UK account (Santander), but it takes FIVE DAYS. I could fly it there quicker by carrier pigeon! Predictably, if I were to transfer my salary to a US bank, it would be done the same day.

Is it possible to open a US Monzo account, which will allow me to transfer my salary on the same day?


If you have a US taxpayer number, you will probably be able to open a US Monzo account. However, there is no direct way to transfer funds from a US Monzo account to a UK one (even though you can view them both in the same app).

You are probably better off opening a Wise Multi-Currency account. This will give you both US bank details and UK bank details, and transfers between currencies are quick (close to instantaneous). So you can transfer from US bank > Wise > convert to GBP in Wise > transfer to Monzo (or other UK bank).


Sorry to beat this drum again (I’m aware I may sometimes sound like a broken record on this forum):

This, like the much-discussed cheque imaging, is another example of Monzo half-arsing something that they offer, leading forumites (and sometimes Monzo themselves) to recommend you go with a competitor to get a fuller service.


I don’t think it is really. A US account with a UK card seems quite a niche request. Do other banks offer that?

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If that reply is directed to me, I wasn’t referring to that part of @jzw95 's reply, I was referring to the difficulty of transferring cash between US and UK accounts that you can see in the same app/web interface, something that you could do with greater ease in e.g. HSBC’s Global View.

Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

I cannot answer your question re: cards.


Also, like HSBC, Monzo (offering accounts in both countries) is in a position to offer this niche feature, which would act as a differentiator for their offering so may be worth developing.

I appreciate that the number of interested users would probably be small, but probably not hugely small.