Transferring funds to Monzo account from foreign bank account

I was looking for some advice on the suitability of Monzo for my situation.

I’m moving back to the UK after six years of living in the U.S. I would like to hit the ground running when I get back so would be good to have a UK account setup. I am wondering if Monzo may be a solution to this. I tried Googling, but my Google-fu may be weak today and I couldn’t seem to find concrete answers. So, questions…

How easy is it to transfer money from a US bank account to a Monzo account? What are the fees like etc.? What’s the transfer time like?

I can’t comment on fees or length of time as this will largely depend on your US bank rather than Monzo, so you’d be better off checking with them.

Monzo has a feature called
There is a monthly limit of £1000 that you can receive, but it’s possible to send send money from your US bank to a Monzo account via using your debit card. Your bank will treat it like any other card transaction, so whatever fee your bank charges for foreign currency payments will apply to that transfer.

Another option for fast payments between the US and the U.K. with minimal fees is to use, this will again have limits, but it works great for me as most of my friends and family are based in San Jose.

The actual process of sending your money directly from your US bank account to your Monzo account is quite straightforward though. It’s just not the fastest, and it’s most likely to be subject to fees, especially if it’s a large amount.

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Monzo doesn’t have an IBAN, but you can use a money transfer service (like TransferWise for example). You will also need a U.K. address for your card to be sent to.