URGENT HELP! US Wire Transfer to Monzo Account?

Hi There,

I had a question in regards to US Wire Transfers to Monzo -

I currently have an Etrade Account which I have set-up with Monzo (Generated IBAN which is Valid)

Basically, I have confirmed all the details such as SWIFT code and input the details correctly on my stocks account which reflects MONZO on the wire transfer although when speaking to Etrade about the completion of the transfer they gave me the Federal Reference Number and said the funds had been sent to Lloyds TSB UK?

Is this the middle man process on wire transfers before it reaches my monzo? I am unsure why the payment has been sent to Lloyds, I am currently waiting on hold with Lloyds to see if I can trace the payment with the reference number so they can send it to my monzo.

Does anyone know if this is normal? I can definitely confirm Monzo is stated in the wire transfer and the BIC code correctly links to Monzo?

Please help!!!

We’re all customers just like you on here so we’re limited to just speaking in general as we don’t have all the details.

You need to contact Monzo through the in app chat. They will be able to look into this for you properly and can answer your questions with certainty.


Thanks Ordog,

I have tried to contact Live Chat although I am still waiting for someone from the Specialist Payment Team to get in touch.

I was just seeing if anyone has experienced this before with International Payments - Or why this may have happened.


Ahhh ok, that’s good - hopefully you won’t have much longer to wait :crossed_fingers:

Monzo doesn’t officially support international payments so any experience here will be down to luck more than anything else.

A generated IBAN ‘may’ work but if it doesn’t then there isn’t really much Monzo can do to help, unfortunately.


Thanks Feathers,

I have read some info about this although I needed to transfer the money urgently into an account, with transferwise to set-up a US account I need to first transfer 20 USD equivalent into the account and then go through verification which could take up to 3 days on transferwise side.

In hind-site I probably should have done this.

Do you think Lloyds would transfer the funds to Monzo if they can see the correct account details/sort code?


Taken from the below article


That basically covers what I was going to say - it will either arrive or not and there’s no real way to tell how of if that will work. For what it’s worth, the only intermediary I’ve ever heard of is NatWest so the whole Lloyds thing is a bit of an extra unknown I’m afraid.



did you hear back from monzo?

Yep, Natwest is Monzo’s correspondent bank. The link above states:

We’ll do that by using NatWest as our ‘correspondent bank’, which means we’ll agree to set up a connection that lets other banks send international payments to Monzo, through NatWest’s existing SEPA connections.

Unless Monzo have moved onto using Lloyds for international payments without mentioning it here (which is possible), there is a chance that whichever US bank Etrade uses, uses Lloyds as their first step in international transfers to the UK and Lloyds will route it on to Natwest and then/or Monzo but as you and others mention, international transfers is hit and miss really. When I first tested it from KBC Ireland to Monzo I sent a small amount of money first to confirm it worked (and it did in my case).

I also believe that the backend of international bank transfers can be a daisy chain of transfers between multiple banks until it reaches its destination bank instead of direct movements between just 2 banks.

I have made the same mistake, e*trade expect it to bounce back within 10 business days, but Monzo can’t see it their side because their inability to accept international transfers. Fingers crossed it does bounce!

Hi Harry,

Thankfully the funds came through into my Monzo, I had to wait maybe 2-3 days after I got the wire complete email from etrade.

You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


Can confirm this also worked for me as well. I got the funds two days later :raised_hands:
As long as you create the IBAN with TransferWise you should be fine. Maybe in the future I’ll stick with Nationwide since my account has an IBAN automatically :sweat_smile:

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