Upgrade (Migration) Updates

I assume it’s investors first? Because I’m in the current account preview and I have yet to receive anything.

What Migration Test Group?

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I think it’s coming out of this post @anon72173902

I can’t imagine there’s many people on the forum who don’t have a current account yet (but want to be a guinea pig), so that’s probably why we haven’t heard from anyone.

Don’t have a current account here :sob:

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The live rollout counter hasn’t been increasing much over the past few days since the announcement. I wonder if many of the people invited have taken it up?

I just received the migration notification - I liked how quickly the process took to complete, nice and simple! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I have a prepaid account, I just got the CA upgrade notification, will transaction history be kept?



you’ll be able to order a debit card which, once activated, will seamlessly move your data and balance from your prepaid card to your current account.




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I’ve also got and done the migration and taken screenshots to share later.


I might not be understanding this correctly but the limit that has been hit is for the CA Preview app. I would assume the main Monzo app that users are being migrated with would be classed as separate and so have a new TestFlight limit?

So in TestFlight I have the beta for both the live prepaid (soon to be full CA) app and the CA Preview app. I am sure the limit is per app per test group though I could be wrong.

Also I am not sure if it was confirmed if this test group is Prepaid users only or Prepaid and CA Preview customers?

I’m using the Android beta of the main app, and not the separate current account app.

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Share Please…Waiting :wink:

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I can confirm that I was one of the 1000 Android users selected for the in-app upgrade to the current account. I can say that it is a very smooth process that I was able to do in my room without much agro. Just took a photo of my passport and made a short video of my face talking. Both done in app.

I broke my phone on monday night, so that notification could have been waiting for me for a few days. Only just got round to buying a new one day.

I didn’t bother signing up for the separate app current account preview. I opted to wait until the real deal has arrived. And now that It has I am super excited. Buzzing for my card to arrive now. No mention of the CASS through the ‘upgrading’ system. Guess that will come at a later date.



What if you don’t have a Passport?
Can you take a photo of your Driving Licence instead?

Yep I think so. I only used my passport because it was sat on the table in front of me. Im sure you’d also be able to use your drivers license

There’s an option to use a driver’s licence if you don’t have a passport to hand

Open up the section below for the screenshots I took while going through the account upgrade process.

There was one little oddity I’ve reported in the in-app chat regarding the terms and conditions whereby if you scroll to the bottom and tap next, it’ll scroll you back up to what it thinks is the last unread section.

Other than that, it’s a smooth clear process process.

I suspect I didn’t get the passport/driving license screen due to having it when signing up to the pre-paid card. So it’ll depend on when you signed up as to whether you get it.

Full screenshots

First notification:

Info screen about account upgrade:

Upgrading Part 1:

Upgrading Part 2:

Upgrading Part 3:

The Monzo Package:

Account details - Names:

Account details - Address Postcode:

Account details - Choose your address:

Account details - Address:

Account Details - New & Updates:

Account details - Monzo Docs:

Terms and Conditions - top (initially the section below the first pargraph was dimmed/greyed out to highlight the change):

Terms and Conditions after hitting next:

I haven’t screenshotted every bit of the Terms and Conditions :wink:

Terms and Conditions after tapping “NEXT” (this is where it scrolled me back up):

Bottom of the Terms & Conditions page:

Monzo Privacy Policy:

Tax residency (I’m luckily the simple case, hopefully the folks in charge of Brexit won’t change that):

Confirm card details, including the form of the name on your card:

Choose card PIN:

Complete Yay :grinning::

Activate your new card notification:

I can’t show you any further yet :wink: Waiting on the postman.


I see you got to pick your card name. Life obviously has moved on since the preview!