Upcoming funding round discriminating non-UK early investors

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Recchan - if a company wants to / needs to - put conditions on an offer , maybe they are entitled / oblidged to ?


It’s actually because I want Monzo to prosper believe it or not. I’d like to use them again in the future.

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I’ve been trying to say this. Perhaps I should have used these words!

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" It’s actually because I want Monzo to prosper believe it or not. I’d like to use them again in the future. "

lol - sorry - you wouldn’t have thought so from the “other” site :slight_smile:

could copy and paste so many comments from the “other side”


It’s not about right to ‘fairness’, it’s about pre-emption rights or first dibs right in this case. If you offer pre-emption rights only to a group of investors, it’s not fair.


As Monzo currently stands maybe not. Their offering will change in the future.

If you’ve been reading the other site you may have seen I want to see how the marketplace pans out.

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I must admit it is tiresome to permanently read negativity when, especially with the banks I’ve come from, there’s so much to love.

Especially when you see ‘I really like this feature, it’s made me happy’.

And the response basically insinuates your stupid and should switch to Nationwide.

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sorry Im not attacking you, but in fairness you do send a lot of mixed messages - not really mixed - mostly anti Monzo - which obviously is your right should you chose :slight_smile: but to then come and say you want Monzo to succeed - doesn’t really come across as …hmmmmm…

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Again, what rule says this has to be ‘fair’?


I like some features that exist with Monzo, don’t get me wrong. The budgeting is a cool idea. The merchant logos were also a novel concept to me when I signed to Monzo initially.

I have kept my card in my wallet because I like the colour of it too. The community activity is great also.

I don’t recall doing this.

My message is more of “I want them to improve but I think they’ll be good in the future, so I keep tabs on what Monzo is up to”. I’d like to think so anyways, I don’t really interact with people irl who take anything seriously so we’re pretty harsh on each other, apologies if this comes off in my writing.


I agree that it does not have to be fair, but then the OP is right saying it’s a discrimination.

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Ive deleted this comment because its really not worth reading :slight_smile: `

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As is so much in life if you look from the right perspective.

Is it worth getting bent out of shape about as some seem to be?

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Thanks @Chris_R for bringing the discussion back to the original point.

I read all the posts, and i also think we went off topic. There are many posts about features - when the topic was about excluding early investors.

As i wrote the topic, i want to add something. The point it’s not wether if i am allowed to invest then someone else can’t, so “you can’t make everyone happy”. Investing can be an opportunity if you don’t discriminate between your loyal investor’s and client’s base, so the point it’s not wether Monzo should open the round to non-clients. The point is if you agree to say you’re not welcome to someone that:

  • was there in each of the 3 crowdfunded rounds
  • was in the client’s queue for months
  • isn’t able to be a client only because he isn’t resident in the UK
  • was there that click day when Monzo was fully funded in 96 seconds
  • was there when Mondo asked for name suggestions and then became Monzo
  • qualified for the investor card which he can’t claim
  • is here when he gets neglected at this round
    … will not be there on the 4th crowd round because he is not resident in the UK.

I think it’s not fair and it looks like Monzo comes from an era of inclusion and opportunity for the early investors to an era of exclusion and closure. I couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong anyway.


Simple feature comparisons shouldn’t be seen as being able to call someone a fan boy. My starling account is currently empty and I use my Revolut for day-to-day spending :wink:

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my Starling account has £9.56p in it , maybe we should call a truce :slight_smile: and get back to the original is it fair discussion :slight_smile:


Apologies, I never intended to side track it, but people seem to have focused on my other posts rather than noticing the point that Monzo have created a system where they ignore foreign investors. Which isn’t fair.



How can you not have a right to protect yourself from dilution as thousands and thousands of new shares are put into circulation?



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Not sure ‘shouting’ is helpful here.

Just because you feel something strongly doesn’t make it true, right or universally accepted and shouting doesn’t help with any of those three things. :frowning:

I accept that some see it as unfair. As a non-investor I see the early opening up to existing investors as unfair. I also defend the company’s right to run their investment round as they see fit