Upcoming funding round discriminating non-UK early investors

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So that their customers get the chance to invest. The previous funding rounds weren’t open very long so this provides that opportunity


They’re selling 20m this time, they could open it for all personal investors at the same time.

(Micky) #43

Maybe they will after initial crowd funding from their customers


Then they need to explicitly state that and not make their foreign investors and those without monzo accounts feel as if the company doesn’t value them.


You are missing the point. It’s not about investors vs customers. The point is that one group of investors has been deliberately excluded from this round.

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I’m not sure what else you want people to say. I assume the decision has been taken for a reason and I assume Monzo have the legal right to take that decision. On that basis, why is this a big deal?

As I said before, any decision would be seen by one group or another as unfair (which really has no meaning here in my view) so surely the only truly fair alternative would be to take funding from the VC firms and leave the rest of us out completely.

I get that existing investors may not like it, but it’s not ‘unfair’. It may ‘abnormal practice’ (I have no clue) but, again, so what? As long as it’s legal these are decisions that Monzo have the right to make.

What am I missing?

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“Those aren’t limiting it to customers only as a way of tying people to their accounts. Obviously you’re fine to have your opinion, but as I’ve not laughed at yours I’d like you to do the same.”

why is it tying people to their accounts you can leave Monzo any time you want after you have invested - in what way is investing in Monzo tying you to their account ?

sorry you took offence at my “lol” - " but as I’ve not laughed at yours I’d like you to do the same "

You also are fine to have your opinion, I have read most of it on the "other " site :slight_smile:


What is unfair about opening it for everyone? I don’t understand what you mean.


You are unlikely to close an account if you plan on investing in Monzo due to future opportunities to invest.

That’s fine, I’ve never intended to hide my opinions by changing handles on forums.

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“You are unlikely to close an account if you plan on investing in Monzo due to future opportunities to invest.”

If I invest in Barclays does that tie me to using Barclays for ever ???

“That’s fine, I’ve never intended to hide my opinions by changing handles on forums.”

me neither :slight_smile: - on the contrary, I use my name , I am quite open to who I am :slight_smile:

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In my view? Nothing. Someone would find something, though.

But I also see nothing unfair in what they’ve done here.

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I have no idea what this means either.


Did Barclays force you to open an account to invest? I was unaware of this but I don’t agree with that either. I’m afraid I don’t know everything every company does that I disagree with.

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wow :slight_smile:


If they opened it to everyone it would include all, however with their current system foreign investors are excluded, thus making it unfair on them.

Edit: as I failed to do so earlier I won’t be replying to this topic anymore unless I feel my words are twisted. DM me for clarification on my thoughts if needed.

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Yes they have. I get that some feel it’s unfair. They’re entitled to feel that but it doesn’t make them right. That’s sort of the point of opinions being personal rather than collective things.

Edit: Under what rule or regulation do we have a right to ‘fairness’ anyway?

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No, but Monzo are also open at 2am. I’m not saying there are no other companies that are helpful - I’ve just never known help like Monzo’s. For example, I once asked why I couldn’t see my wife on the Payments tab. They said to make sure she had ticked “Payments with Friends”. I wasn’t with her at the time, but said I’d check with her later. They then got in touch in the evening to make sure it was resolved. That’s my idea of taking ownership.

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nobody is forcing anybody to do anything , if you want to invest these are “our” ( Monzo ) conditions, if these conditions aren’t to your liking …hmmmmm …


Ian, you’re missing the point I was trying to make. Monzo have limited it to only UK account holders only and thus have excluded foreign investors.

There’s no possibility of them being able to agree to the terms that Monzo don’t allow them in on.

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I know you’re incredibly Anti-Monzo trying to be the Ying to the Yang. Which I’ll admit could be useful if this place really was the echo chamber you make it out to be!

Sometimes, however I feel you’re just taking the opposite side to have an argument rather then be constructive, regardless of your knowledge or presumed knowledge, feel free to tell me I’m wrong - I’m sure you will!