Upcoming Events!

Hello - happy Wednesday! Quick reminder about two upcoming events we’re hosting. If you’re able, please come meet the team, get exclusive swag, and access to the Beta! We’d love to meet as many of you as possible!

:palm_tree:Los Angeles Thursday October 10th at 7pm join us at our new office - Second Home in East Hollywood! RSVP here

:cactus:Las Vegas Wednesday the 16th of October at 7pm we’ll be at the International Innovation Center downtown - you can sign up here

Not in Vegas or LA? Not to fear! More events in different cities still to be announced so keep us posted on where you’d like to see us next :eyes:Looking forward to meeting many of you soon!


Glad to see you’re working your way across the country - but don’t skip us in the midwest (e.g. Chicago!) entirely as you fly to NYC…

Wave, at least :wink:


Glad to see that NYC is event is scheduled for Oct 30 :+1:

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Any events in LA before Xmas? I’d like to sign up whilst home. If not could I drop by the office. So close :see_no_evil: :house:


:wave:Hey there! No LA events scheduled as of right now - can you drop me a DM or an email (usa-help@monzo.com) with approximate dates you’ll be home? I’ll see if there’s anything we can do!

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